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Introducing the Therm-X MVHR Range from Barkell Ltd

Barkell Ltd, Air Handling Units, Consett, UK, 20/07/2018

Delivering compact, efficient, plug and play heat recovery and ventilation.

Barkell has launched a new; extended range of heat recovery units. The Therm-X MVHR range, designed to provide intelligent, clean and comfortable ventilation and
boasting a heat recovery efficiency of up to 93%.

Therm-X MVHR Range 

The Therm-X Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Range (MVHR) is a compact,
packaged plug and play solution offering fresh air ventilation with heat recovery in horizontal or vertical installations.

The range benefits from high heat recovery efficiency of up to 93% with a near silent operation, making it perfect for small commercial applications, schools, retail and small offices.

Highly efficient, the Therm-X range is fully compliant with Part L of the UK Building Design Regulations and with the Ecodesign Directive 2018.

The range has optional integrated electric post heater, integrated electric post heater, LPHW coil, change over coil (heating and cooling) or direct expansion (DX) coil as well as an extensive range of complimentary ancillaries for installation and control.

Each system comes complete with Modbus compatible touchscreen controls.

HRFL II (ceiling void PHE)

HRFL II Ceiling Void Heat Recovery and Ventilation System

HRFL II is the next generation, all-in-one compact heat recovery and ventilation system designed for false ceiling installations.

The HRFL II is a fully packaged solution which benefits from a compact, slim design to suit the increasingly stringent requirements for local ventilation systems installed in ceiling voids.

It is fully component accessible from below, has a heat recovery efficiency up to 93% and is available in four different models covering airflows from 0.03m³/s (108m³/h) – 0.52m³/s (1872m³/h) @ 200pa ESP.

HR85 range (Thermal Wheel)

A compact rotary heat recovery and ventilation system with top or side; right or left connection configurations for internal or external use.

Highly efficient and with near silent operation, the HR85 is easy to install and to maintain.

It has a heat recovery efficiency up to 85% and is available with top or side connections and left or right service access: 8 models covering airflows from 0.03 m³/s (108 m³/h) to 2.06 m³/s (7416 m³/h) @ 200pa ESP.

HR95 Compact PHE Heat Recovery and Ventilation System

HR95 (PHE)

A compact PHE heat recovery and ventilation system with horizontal and vertical configurations for internal or external use.

The HR95 a compact and packaged MVHR heat recovery solution for mechanical supply and extract ventilation equipped with high efficiency plate heat exchanger that has a heat recovery efficiency up to 93%.

With horizontal and vertical configurations, it provides flexibility for indoor or outdoor installation across all commercial applications.

Equipped with state-of-the-art plug and play integrated controls the HR95 MVHR units offer the all-in-one heat recovery solution for local or central mechanical ventilation, benefiting very quiet operation.

The HR95 range is available in:

4 horizontal models: 0.06m³/s (216m³/h) to
0.92m³/s (3312 m³/h) @ 200pa ESP

6 vertical models: 0.06m³/s (216m³/h) to
1.42m³/s (5100 m³/h) @ 200pa ESP


All units features intuitive, inbuilt controls,
meaning there is no need for costly and fragmented third party control company
integration. The plug and play installation aids the speed of commissioning and
system reliability. Each system comes complete with Modbus compatible
touchscreen controls.

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About Barkell

Barkell is a leading UK manufacturer of bespoke technologically advanced air handling units (AHUs), specifically developed for energy efficiency, reliability and operational performance.

Barkell’s range of roof and wall mounted AHUs, free-cooling and indirect adiabatic cooling products are installed throughout the UK in the private and public sector and their extensive aftersales, HVAC controls and spares divisions provide total support and optimal performance to their customer base.

Barkell, has been based in the North East of England since 1981, employs around 100 people, and has established a reputation for high quality products and services which have seen it acquire leading market share within this segment in the UK.