Service and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

With Barkell, you can rest assured that help is never far away. We have a team of highly skilled engineers to provide AHU service and maintenance along with expert advice, when you need it.

With a nationwide network of experienced and qualified engineers, Barkell provides a planned, preventative maintenance solution to sustain the optimum efficiency of your AHU. Not only preventing unit and system breakdowns, but also helps to improve system resilience, increase energy efficiency and enhance system optimisation for improved performance and increased profitability.

Our service plans provide a planned, preventative maintenance solution to sustain the optimum efficiency of your cooling system, enabling you to see real savings in energy usage costs, reduced carbon emissions and ensure compliance with any legislative requirements.


• Reduced running costs
• Shorter payback periods
• Increased system or unit longevity
• Reduced carbon emissions
• Telephone technical support during office hours
• Service plans ensure legislative compliance


Customised service visits:

Our service visits are customised to suit individual requirements, ensuring that you receive an AHU maintenance package which is tailored to meet your specific site and application requirements. We do filter changes as standard and will provide recommendations for any additional works as identified during inspection. Any works required can be arranged during the visit subject to availability of necessary parts.

What can be included in the visit:

  • General appearance / structure inspection
  • Filter section inspection, filter changes, filter gauge readings
  • Fan section inspection
  • Damper inspection
  • Thermal Wheel inspection
  • Plate heat exchanger inspection
  • Drain tray inspection
  • Coil inspection

Following our visit we will issue our report detailing the condition and any recommendations identified, along with a detailed quotation for any identifiable works over and above the filter change.

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