An Airedale Company

An Airedale Company

Airedale is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high efficiency cooling solutions.

Integrated thermal management solutions, differentiated through innovation and service.

In February 2014 we were acquired by Airedale International Air Conditioning. Airedale is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high efficiency cooling solutions, and has a total customer focused attitude.

Airedale’s vision is to provide integrated thermal management solutions differentiated through innovation and service; an ethos that has a great deal of synergy with Barkell.

This acquisition has been a major development for us both, helping us to broaden product lines and sales channels in the UK and Worldwide. In addition, the alliance has helped us to build on previous success in the growing data centre and retail sectors by providing innovative air handling units and expanding product and service solutions to new and current customers.

As combined HVAC and Building Energy Management System (BEMS) specialists, we offer air conditioning products and air handling units that help to improve the performance of cooling and other building services. Whether for retail, leisure, hospitals or laboratories, from small computer and server rooms to expansive data centres or multiple buildings and facilities, our future-proof solutions are designed to:

• Make the facility more productive and efficient
• Reduce system total life-cycle costs
• Increase unit longevity
• Offer increased agility and power
• Maximise uptime with built in resilience features
• Provide flexibility and choice enabling growth as per your site requirements

We share a commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers, and continue to work together to offer flexible, innovative products and solutions.

Airedale and Barkell are part of the US-based Modine Manufacturing Company, a global leader in thermal management since 1916. Modine design, manufacture and test heat transfer products for a wide variety of applications and markets.

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Our heavy investment in R&D supports our commitment to innovation. Great ideas require intensive research and development by people who believe in constant improvement.



Barkell is part of the Airedale group of companies. As combined HVAC specialists, we offer air handling units & HVAC systems that optimise the performance of your facility



Our AHUs serve a range of customers, construction companies and HVAC consultants across healthcare, education, data centre, retail and commercial environments

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