AHU Controls


AHU Controls

Flexible AHU control, optimised performance

An air handling unit (AHU) can only be as good as its weakest link. We ensure via intuitive HVAC controls that the performance and efficiency of your system is optimised to minimise energy use and maximise output without compromising the environment.

All of our HVAC control panels are designed and built within the UK.

We offer AHU controls, packages and HVAC control panel options specific to each application:

Integral controls trunking with the cover removed

  • HVAC control panels can be installed and wired into the unit at our factory prior to delivery on site to minimise installation and commissioning time
  • We provide integral trunking so cables and wiring are not visible and susceptible to external conditions
  • Units can be delivered in one piece by strengthening the base – this eliminates the need for on-site wiring reconnection
  • Should the AHUs be supplied in sections, we also offer control panel wiring reconnection on site

Our aim with every controls package is to make the facility more versatile, productive and efficient, delivering both output and quality; we have a wealth of experience and use the latest technology to help you get the most from your system, by managing workloads and using performance data to greatest effect.

Our AHU control panels feature the latest technology Airedale ACIS™ controllers, with user friendly interface allowing monitoring and control of each component of your AHU including fans, heating, cooling, dampers, humidification and heat recovery. Other control manufacturers are also available including TREND controllers, Tridium and Siemens and major Building Management System (BMS) protocols including SNMP, BACnet and Modbus.

Total design flexibility is offered with each application with variable sizing options and a wide range of component choices available.

Further HVAC control panel features include:

  • Completely customisable HVAC control panel design
  • Higher availability with full visibility across the facility’s physical infrastructure
  • Timezone management and alarm handling
  • Full control of remote devices
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2, air quality and pressure sensors (on request)
  • Advanced control algorithms maintain required conditions
  • Integration with remote electronic expansion valves
  • Ease of service – design, installation, commissioning & maintenance all in one place
  • Increased reliability due to factory mounted controls
  • Fully standalone system or part of the BMS

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