Ecodesign Directive Implementation

Ecodesign Directive Implementations

How will the Ecodesign Directive be implemented?

The Ecodesign Directive applies in two steps:

  • Step 1: from 1 January 2016
  • Step 2: from 1 January 2018

Step 2 further tightens the requirements.

Within the European Union and the UK air handling units have to meet the new energy efficiency requirements from these dates. You cannot market units in the EU that do not meet the defined minimum requirements.

The requirements for relevant products shall be fulfilled when the unit is placed on the market.
The rules in case of a project offered before and delivered after the deadline of a step are that the moment of unloading at the site is the moment which defines the requirements to be applied.

What is defined by ‘placing on to the market’?

The Ecodesign Directive states that the units must be compliant at the point at which they are put on to the market.

The Ecodesign Directive states that:

“The placing on the market occurs when the product is supplied for distribution, consumption or use and it is in any event necessary that the product has been manufactured and its conformity has been assessed. A contract which has been signed to manufacture a particular product, where this product still does not exist, cannot be constructed as placing on the market.”

How will the Ecodesign Directive be enforced?

Each country has a designated Market Surveillance Authority (MSA).
In the UK, the Ecodesign Directive regulations provide Regulation Delivery (RD) with the power to impose civil sanctions and to recover testing costs where appropriate.