CFD Analysis


CFD Analysis

We offer a comprehensive range of CFD services and CFD modelling through our parent company Airedale International Air Conditioning. CFD is a computational technology that uses numerical methods to solve and analyse the problems that involve fluid flows and thermal issues.

Barkell & Airedale use CFD analysis and simulations while designing our integrated, efficient air handling units. CFD allows us to completely understand airflow and temperature distribution, meaning we design optimised and efficient cooling systems.

We also use CFD modelling techniques for customer specific applications of heating, cooling or ventilation systems used across data centre, process and retail environments.

CFD modelling helps to:

  • visualise temperature, airflow and pressure distribution within a facility
  • increase overall efficiencies of an applied air handling system
  • reduce the operational cost
  • optimise the floor space for a cooling, ventilation and HVAC system
  • improve equipment reliability and maximise facility uptime
  • validate the effectiveness of the cooling system before investing in future upgrades
  • understand redundancy and failure scenarios

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