AHU Selection


AHU Selection

AHU configuration

Our AHU selection guide enables you to rapidly select the appropriate unit size for a specific project requirement.

Simply, select the velocity and volume (or next highest value) required from the table. Then, locate the unit size, external width and external height from the left hand column. Finally, add the base height to the external unit height and 50mm for a pitched roof if the unit will be sited in an external location.

Please note that dimensional restrictions may dictate a higher velocity of around 3m³/s. This, however, is likely to mean that the AHU specific fan power will exceed Building Regulations requirements. Subject to external static pressure and internal components, Building Regulations requirements may be met at an AHU velocity of 2m³/s.

As of 1st April 2022 we will be operating under the Airedale name. All AHUs will still be manufactured in Consett, however our websites will be merging in the coming months.

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