0.2m3/s to 50m3/s

What types of air handling units do we offer?

We deliver a varied and diverse range of Air Handling Units (AHUs) developed to meet your specific needs. The below will give you a flavour of the types of air handling units that we can offer you.

Our air handling units are delivered in various case sizes with airflow from 0.2m³/s to 50m³/s. As you would expect, the larger the flow rate required, the larger the case size but we always aim to deliver maximum system output from the smallest possible footprint whilst providing adequate space for maintenance.

We operate with a ‘less-is-more’ ideology and always strive to manufacture the most compact AHU we can given the required design parameters. This makes them ideal for indoor installation (internal installation) and for outdoor applications (external installation) where space is tight and of paramount importance.

As of 1st April 2022 we will be operating under the Airedale name. All AHUs will still be manufactured in Consett, however our websites will be merging in the coming months.

AHU unit configurations

Whether you require indoor or outdoor AHUs, side-by-side or stacked AHUs, roof or floor-mounted AHUs we can assist. Configuration is no worry to us and as long as specified at initial tender, we can adapt and develop your air handling unit accordingly.

AHUs with complete flexibility

A choice of configurations is offered to give real operating flexibility to suit different applications and operator preference throughout all of our air handling units.

Our Enviropack™ R410A refrigeration package is available throughout all our air handling units, providing the option for cooling (10kW – 235kW) and heating (9kW – 218kW). Available in single and dual circuits, Enviropack™ delivers up to 4 stages of cooling or heating across multiple skid platforms. A single control panel manages both the refrigeration package and the AHU.

AHU components / options

  • Belt drive fan section with optional run and standby facility or motors external to the air stream

  • Direct drive fan section (plenum or centrifugal type, EC or high efficiency AC, PM motor option)

  • Maintenance access, air diffusion space, turning plenums

  • Attenuation

  • Particulate filtration (panel, bag, rigid)

  • Carbon filtration for odours and contaminants

  • High efficiency particulate air filter

  • Heating coil (water/steam)

  • Cooling coil (water/DX gas)

  • Electric heater

  • Indirect and direct gas heater

  • Steam humidifier (direct steam or self-generating – electrode boiler, resistive, gas)

  • Modulating or shut off damper

  • Mixing/exhaust box

  • Plate heat exchanger (with or without bypass for free cooling) can be aluminium, coated aluminium, plastic, etc.

  • Thermal wheel (sensible, hygroscopic, desiccant, enthalpy)

  • Units with internal corridors

  • Run around coils

  • Inlet/Outlet with ducted connection/louvre/hood/acoustic louvre

  • Adiabatic cooling or humidification

  • Integrated controls

  • N+1 redundancy

  • Acoustically and thermally insulated casing as standard, with further acoustic and thermal options

  • Fully welded galvanised steel box section frame work as standard, stainless steel and aluminium options

  • Interior lighting and viewing options

  • Raised or specially designed base frame options

  • Fixed (but accessible) or removable drain tray options in galvanised or stainless steel

  • Non standard colours available

  • Pitched roof as standard on externally mounted air handling units

  • Integrated air to air heat pump for cooling or reverse cycle operation

  • Fully packaged ‘plug and play’ option

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