Ecodesign: specific and general requirements

Ecodesign: specific and general requirements

Specific requirements

The tables below summarise the 2016 and 2018 specific requirements for both unidirectional and bidirectional units. For further clarification regarding the terms used see our 2018 Guidance on Ecodesign Regulation 1253/2014 for ventilation units.

Unidirectional ventilation unit (UVU)

Bidirectional ventilation unit (BVU)

General requirements

Information requirements for non-residential units

Along with the specific requirements a number of mandatory general requirements regarding performance data and information about the unit must be provided.
These remain unchanged for the 2018 tier.

From 1 January 2016, the following product information should be provided:

a. manufacturer’s name or trade mark;

b. manufacturer’s model identifier;

c. declared typology (RVU or NRVU, UVU or BVU);

d. type of drive installed or intended to be installed;

e. type of HRS (run-around, other, none);

f. thermal efficiency of heat recovery (in % or ‘not applicable’ if the product has no heat recovery system);

g. nominal NRVU flow rate in m3/s;

h. effective electric power input (kW);

i. SFPint in W/(m3/s);

j. face velocity in m/s at design flow rate;

k. nominal external pressure (Δps, ext) in Pa;

l. internal pressure drop of ventilation components (Δps,int) in Pa;

m. optional: internal pressure drop of non-ventilation components (Δps,add) in Pa;

n. static efficiency of fans used in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 327/2011;

o. declared maximum external leakage rate (%) of the casing of ventilation units; and declared maximum internal leakage
rate (%) of bidirectional ventilation units or carry over (for regenerative heat exchangers only); both measured or calculated according to the
pressurisation test method or tracer gas test method at declared system pressure;

p. energy performance, preferably energy classification, of the filters (declared information about the calculated
annual energy consumption);

q. description of visual filter warning for NRVUs intended for use with filters, including text pointing out the importance
of regular filter changes for performance and energy efficiency of the unit;

r. in the case of NRVUs specified for use indoors, the casing sound power level (LWA), rounded to the nearest integer;

s. internet address for disassembly instructions;


The information listed in above needs to be available: — in the technical documentation of NRVUs; and — on free access websites of manufacturers, their authorised representatives, and importers.

The manufacturer’s free access website shall make available detailed instructions, inter alia, identifying the required tools for the manual pre-/dis-assembly of permanent magnet motors, and of electronics parts (printed wiring boards/printed circuit boards and displays > 10 g or > 10 cm2), batteries and larger plastic parts (> 100 g) for the purpose of efficient materials recycling, except for models of which less than 5 units per year are produced.