Research and Development

Research and Development

We invest heavily in R&D as we believe that all ideas need research, design and development.

AHU Systems – Researched, Designed, Developed


We invest heavily in R&D as we believe that all ideas need research, design and development.

Our highly skilled and qualified engineers are dedicated to AHU design and are motivated to consistently improve Barkell machines. Our engineers are drawn from a range of disciplines including electrical and mechanical engineering, fluid dynamics, design, testing, acoustic, controls and other disciplines. By encompassing a range of disciplines and aftersales services, we ensure your AHU unit runs and can be maintained as required – to its complete optimum.

Throughout our organisation and as part of the Airedale Group we pride ourselves on empowering our AHU design engineers to create positive change. Our R&D ethos encourages and empowers designers to come up with innovative ideas that minimise operational costs, maximise performance and have environmental responsibility at their heart. This allows us to create a positive change in the applications where our systems are installed.

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Our heavy investment in R&D supports our commitment to innovation. Great ideas require intensive research and development by people who believe in constant improvement.



Barkell is part of the Airedale group of companies. As combined HVAC specialists, we offer air handling units & HVAC systems that optimise the performance of your facility



Our AHUs serve a range of customers, construction companies and HVAC consultants across healthcare, education, data centre, retail and commercial environments

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