Barkell delivers effective air management solutions that meet specific temperature and air filtration requirements to the healthcare industry.

2018’s report by the British Lung Foundation, Toxic Air at the Door of the NHS, revealed that 2220 GP surgeries and 248 hospitals in the UK are in locations with air pollution above World Health Organisation Standards. Add to that the risk of airborne infection from crowded healthcare environments and it is obvious that the need for effective management of air flow and air filtration is crucial within these heavily populated primary and secondary care settings.


Air Quality

Read our blog on how air handling equipment and an understanding of HTM-03 compliance, can contribute towards healthier environments for healthcare patients and staff.



Healthcare budget allocations can often mean HVAC equipment is neglected and asset sweating is preferable to investment in new equipment. Barkell offer comprehensive maintenance packages and an upgrade service with demonstratable pay back periods often measured in months rather than years.


In total, the UK’s healthcare sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy. A lot of the opportunities for saving energy are linked to heating and ventilation equipment. Barkell can assist with initial investigations right through to implementation of improvements and measurement of results.

Barkell has the answer…

At Barkell we believe prevention is better than the cure. We know that clean air is key to delivering world class healthcare facilities and that energy efficiency is paramount as we all must look to do more with less.

At Barkell we understand the healthcare sector and the associated pressures, regulations and standards. We can offer advice on healthcare HVAC best practise and assess sites on their individual merits, often recommending upgrades rather than wholesale replacement of equipment.

Barkell offer a full range of bespoke air handling units and are experts in the design of equipment for healthcare settings, including the HTM03-01 regulations. Our product offer is backed up with an extensive service offer including controls, spares, maintenance and upgrades.

Healthcare Facilities Managers have plenty on their plate, we can act as a trusted partner to ensure HVAC equipment is maintained correctly and continues to operate within the parameters of HTM03-01 and patient / staff health and comfort.

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