UV Coil Cleaning: LightGuard

UV Coil Cleaning

Air quality is imperative to productive, healthy working and living. LightGuard is a cost effective way of improving indoor air quality, optimising HVAC performance and saving energy.

Keep coils clean and improve air quality and system performance with UV cleaning

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are now more concerned about the safety of occupied buildings. In response, Barkell have launched LightGuard, a UV coil cleaning solution, which disinfects systems and prevent the build up of biofilm, a sticky, microbial mass found on HVAC coils, drain pans and ductwork.

The cost of dirty coils is high:

  • HVAC systems can account for up to 60% of a building’s energy costs
  • Dirty HVAC coils waste an additional 25% energy
  • The percentage of indoor air quality problems related to HVAC (absenteeism, productivity) stands at approximately 75%
  • 60% of indoor spaces are hazardous to their occupants’ health due to air pollution

How does LightGuard work?

A LightGuard UV-C coil cleaning system can be fitted in just about any new or existing air handling unit. The UV-C lamps (number depends on the size of the equipment and type of installation) are installed downstream of the cooling coil and use a photon concentrator which focuses up to 95% of the UV energy produced onto the coil.

Applying UV-C to a cooling coil will effectively disinfect the surfaces of equipment, removing harmful organisms before they potentially enter the airstream.

The lamps prevent the build up of biofilm, a sticky microbial mass found on HVAC coils, drain pans, and ductwork.  It is secreted by communities of microorganisms, bacteria, moulds, and fungi that naturally gather in HVAC systems.

Biofilm, when allowed to build up, acts as an insulator, reducing the efficiency of heat exchange. It fills interstitial spaces, increasing pressure drop across an HVAC coil and it produces sulfite-reducing bacteria, causing corrosion to an HVAC system. The air passing through a contaminated HVAC system will pick up bacteria, moulds, and other infectious particles and distribute them throughout the building.

Biofilm is resistant to physical cleaning and chemical disinfectants so preventing its build-up in the first place is a real advantage. LightGuard has been proven in multiple applications to reduce this build-up and preserve system performance.

UV Light - UV Coil Cleaning
Coil with no cleaning

Coil after 91 days – no UV cleaning

Coil with UV coil cleaning

Coil after 91 days – with UV cleaning

What is UV-C effective against?

• Bacteria such as listeria, MRSA, E-coli, Legionella
• Fungi such as yeast and mould
• Viruses such as Influenza, Norovirus and Coronavirus

Light Spectrum - UV Cleaning

Cleaner Systems

UV disinfectant solutions reduce microbial contamination within HVAC systems by more than 90%

Improve Health

HVAC disinfectant solutions which rely on UV light lower respiratory illnesses among occupants by more than 40%

Future Proofing

UV coil cleaning is a natural solution to the problem of drug-resistant and chemical-resistant infectious diseases

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