Building Management Systems


Building Management Systems

Smart, integrated BMS systems making your facility more productive and efficient

Our Building Management Systems (BMS Systems) let you manage all your HVAC controls and other building services from any manufacturer, across multiple sites in a single integrated system.

ACIS™, Barkell and Airedale’s exclusive Building Management System (BMS System) is an innovative, scalable and future-proof solution which has been specifically designed to enhance system performance, drive down operational costs and aid decision making for a wide range of building services.

ACIS™ provides total visibility and HVAC control of the facility. A simplistic and intuitive interface allows you to manage smart cooling and other building services from any manufacturer across multiple sites through a single integrated building management system. ACIS™ BMS systems offer a wide range of monitoring, reporting and diagnostic tools which enable total system efficiency to be evaluated, putting the user in complete control.

An extensive range of ACIS™ BMS systems products are available, with each offering a different level of support and functionality to provide increased flexibility and choice for you. ACIS™ products can be retrofitted and wholly integrated into existing BMS systems or can be customised for specific sites.

The advantages of investing in our BMS Systems:

  • Complete end to end visibility of the facility including physical infrastructure, HVAC systems and all building services
  • Deliver energy and operational efficiency gains
  • Maximise efficiency and optimise availability
  • Visualise change and differing capacity scenarios
  • View current and historic data sets to make informed decisions
  • Maintain 100% availability and uptime at all times
  • See, manage and adapt your energy usage
  • Complete flexibility; enhance lifecycle services from planning to maintenance

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