HR85 – MVHR Thermal Wheel

HR85 – MVHR Thermal Wheel

MVHR Thermal Wheel 0.03m3.s-1 (108m3.h-1  ) – 1.72m3.s-1 (6200m3.h-1 )

Applications: Commercial | School | University | Retail | Office Buildings | Hotels | Banking | Leisure

The HR85 range is a fully packaged, compact, MVHR thermal wheel.

Highly efficient and with near silent operation, the HR85 is easy to install with top or side connections and is equally easy to maintain.

Equipped with state-of-the-art plug and play integral controls the HR85 MVHR thermal wheel units offer the all-in-one heat recovery solution for local or central mechanical ventilation, benefiting very quiet and efficient operation.

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The ThermX HR85 unit casing is assembled from a self-supporting frameless construction, manufactured with double skinned, corrosion resistant, 50mm deep hot dip galvanized sandwich panels (thick.: 0.8mm) packed with high density rockwool (88 kg.m3) and sealed with a high tightness EPDM closed cell gasket.

The panels are finished with an powder paint finish for optimum corrosion protection.


The unit is suitable for free standing internal installation as standard and can be equipped with an optional weatherproof roof to enable external installation (except versions with top connections).
Small unit sizes (up to size 200) are supplied as a single piece unit.
Larger units (size 300 and above) are supplied in a modular arrangement with each section individually packed and provided with quick-fit electrical and mechanical connections.

Access and maintenance
  • Access to all the unit compartments is available through the tool operated access panels as standard.
  • Access is possible from both sides.
  • All access panels are equipped with handles to facilitate handling during maintenance operations.
  • The control panel is installed in an easily accessible enclosure inside of the unit.
Heat recovery
  • Highly efficient rotary air to air heat exchanger exceeding the 2018 ErP requirements
  • Operational efficiency up to 85%
  • Eurovent certified performance and tested to EN308:1997
  • Manufactured from high thermal transmittance and corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Face and bypass damper
  • Minimal internal leakage ensured by the double sided inner seals
  • Automatic rotor speed control
  • Single inlet backwards curved radial impellers manufactured from aluminium
  • Energy efficient IE4 EC motors with integrated electronic control and silent operation
  • Optimised impellers balanced to DIN / ISO 1940
  • ErP 2015 ready
  • Integral control electronics – soft start, over temperature and short circuit protection
  • Motor insulation Class ‘B’, rated IP 54 (acc. to EN 60529)
  • Panel or bag filters with synthetic media for low-pressure drop
  • Filtration grade according to BS EN 779:2012/ISO 16890:
        1. M5 (ePM10 50%) supply and return filters
        2. F7 (ePM2.5 50%) supply air filter (option)
  • Filter status monitored by integral digital pressure sensors
  • Installed in slides and sealed for easy replacement and minimised bypass leakage
Controls & communication

HR85 features state of the art plug and play integral controls with a touch screen, remote wired controller. The interface for BMS connection is via Modbus RS485 , Modbus TCP/IP and Bacnet TCP/IP.

The intelligent, inbuilt controls include (not an extensive list):

  • Integrated temperature and pressure sensors
  • Touchscreen controller
  • Mains isolator
  • CAV (Constant Air Volume)
  • VAV (Variable Air Volume) – Constant Pressure Supply
  • DCV (Demand Controlled Ventilation)
  • Trickle & Boost mode
  • Time scheduling
  • Airflow offset
  • Supply and room air temperature control
  • Automatic free-cooling regime
  • Modulation of external heat pump
  • Automatic thermal wheel rotor speed control
  • Control of up to 2 pre-heaters and post-heaters/coolers
  • Thermal overheat, condensate overflow and frost protection
  • Automatic calibration of fans and filters
  • Service, maintenance and error alarms
  • Soft start
  • Fire interlock
  • PID tuning
Optional features

The following options, if selected, are all fully integrated into the unit control

  • Integral electrical post-heater
  • Integral LPHW post-heater
  • Integral WCO (water changeover) post heater/cooler
  • Integral DX (direct expansion) post heater/cooler

The unit can have top or side connections. The HR85 is predominantly for indoor application but can be installed outside. Where installed outdoor, the unit requires full weather protection which is offered as an option.


Vast range of ancillaries available for the HR85 range:

  • Shut off dampers (rectangular or circular)
  • Square to round transitions
  • Duct mounted attenuators
  • Spare filters
  • Duct mounted electrical or water heaters
  • Condensate pump kit
  • Damper actuators
  • Duct and room mounted IAQ sensors (CO2, humidity)
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Valve and actuator kits
  • Weatherproof roof
Tested for your complete peace of mind
  • Performance – ISO 5801:2007
  • Acoustics – BS EN 3744:2010, BS EN ISO 5136:2010
  • Heat Recovery – EN 308:1997
  • Model Box casing performance – EN 1886:2007
Building regulations and eco-design directive

All models are performance tested, and measurements are made to obtain the power consumption of the units in several operating points.

The units can work within the limits of both of these regulations under most conditions.

Detailed software selection can be provided to get accurate performance data.

The set-up of the controls on the Therm-X unit can be performed by one of our experienced commissioning teams.
We offer the following options to perform the commissioning of your Therm-X units:

Site attendance for demonstration of controls set-up

With this option one of our experienced engineers will attend to site for one day and demonstrate how to calibrate and set the controls for one Therm-X unit.

Site attendance for controls set-up

With this option one of our experienced engineers will attend to site to check the installation and wiring of every unit as well as calibrate and set up the controls to the required project design conditions.
For additional information about our commissioning options please contact our offices.

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