High Performance, no sweat

The EquinoX AHU range from Barkell has been selected by our AHU experts to deliver high performance alongside a simple selection process, making it easy for consultants, contractors and specifiers to get the right product for a wide range of applications.

The EquinoX AHU range has been designed to offer class-leading performance, including T2 thermal transmittance class and TB1 thermal bridging class, through use of innovative construction techniques and materials. The units are manufactured using components that are resistant to extreme operating conditions, long lasting, and have world-class certifications.

The EquinoX range comes in 4 model types:

  • Heating
  • Heating and chilled water cooling
  • Heating & DX cooling
  • Heat pump

Each model type is available in 11 different sizes, taking the pain out of selecting an AHU and helping you to deliver smoother projects.

Model types

EquinoX is available in 4 model types, and each type is available in 11 different case sizes to perfectly meet the requirements of your project. Air volume capacities range from 1.5 to 2 m3/s up to 11-12 m3/s with dimension variations of up to 2 metres, allowing a significant amount of options within a standard range.

Model types available are:

  • LPHW Heating Only
  • LPHW Heating and Cold Water Cooling
  • LPHW Heating and DX Cooling
  • Heat Pump


EquinoX is a high performing AHU that is ErP and Part L compliant. It rates highly against EN1886:2007 guidelines, offering additional reassurance of quality and performance. Delivering controllable, on-demand heating, cooling and heat recovery, it is a highly efficient AHU, with an extended life cycle due to high performing materials that deliver both insulation and strength.

Performance according to EN1886: 2007 rated as:

  • T2 (0.5 < U ≤ 1) thermal transmittance class
  • TB1 (0.75 ≤ kb < 1.00) thermal bridging class
  • L1 (< 0.22 l x s-1 x m-2) casing air leakage class
  • D1(< 4 mm x m-1) mechanical strength
  • F9 (< 0.5 %) filter bypass leakage



The typical insulation is provided by using 50 mm rock wool with 70kg/m³ density.


Service and maintenance of EquinoX is simplified with the provision of easy access doors, ensuring all areas of the unit are easy to reach. Inner edges and corners are rounded to minimise the accumulation of dirt and the use of composite materials in the frame offer an extended life cycle.

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