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Industry leading Air Handling Units (AHUs)

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist high quality AHUs in different configurations from 0.2 m³/s to +50m³/s, ensuring we deliver the precise bespoke air handling units for the application.

Whether single supply air or exhaust AHUs, indirect and direct units, adiabatic and free-cooling, or complete AHUs with heat recovery. Our AHUs are designed to meet precisely the needs of the facility, combining ample power with the versatility to adapt to future load requirements.

Unit installed in kit form at James Cooke Hospital
  • AHUs

    We manufacture a diverse range of 'custom-built' Air Handling Unit Systems differentiated by innovation, quality and service. Whether you require indoor or outdoor AHUs, side-by-side or stacked AHUs, roof or floor-mounted AHUs we can assist.

  • AHU Applications

    Our air handling units are used across a diverse range of applications & sectors including hospitals, universities, retail stores & data centres

  • AHU Design

    Whatever the application, our experienced engineers will work in partnership with you, to ensure that we design the unit to meet your specification

  • AHU Specification

    Barkell's air handling equipment is manufactured in accordance with this specification and includes details of other features available

  • AHU Selection

    Our air handling unit configuration and AHU sizing guide enables you to rapidly select the appropriate unit size for a specific project requirement

  • CFD Analysis

    We offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services which help to gain an indepth understanding of thermal behaviour within a facility

Barkell Air Handling Units – Finding the right solution for your application

Our Air Handling Units serve a range of customers across healthcare, education, data centre, retail and commercial environments.

We understand the importance of business critical cooling and through our versatile range of bespoke AHU units and using the latest technology, we offer bespoke and flexible air handling units which provide increased efficiency, system reliability and reduced operating costs.