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Quality & Innovation

Quality & innovation

The principles of constant innovation and quality at the heart of our operations and manufacture already place Barkell in a strong position and are prioritised during all stages of design, production and aftersales support.

New technologies, efficient design and waste-reducing, lean manufacturing processes all serve to continually improve the AHU products / services we launch and cut CO2 emissions. By combining the use of industry best practice and a forward-thinking approach, we are able to offer a more flexible solution to customers.

We’re continuing to work hard today to create optimised units with guaranteed flow rates and maximised performance. We have numerous exciting developments to offer our customers over the coming years.

A Barkell employee practicing continuous improvement techniques

Quality and innovation techniques

Our staff are trained and practice the following continuous improvement techniques:

  • Six Sigma
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Root cause problem solving

Our quality and innovation policy

We are committed to being a leader in the development of custom built air handling unit technology.

We provide air handling units, in accordance with our published specifications and to the agreed requirements of you, our customer.


To achieve our quality and innovation policy, we recognise the importance of providing a platform for continuous improvement. Barkell therefore continues to use a Quality System and develop our people structure, to ensure this objective is achievable.

We further recognise the importance of user experience and how we may collect and share information that will further enhance our commitment towards improving the performance of products and customer service. Outlined below are principles that reflect Barkell's commitment towards achieving success.

  • Consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements
  • Audit, monitor and measure component and product performance. Ensure appropriate action is taken to improve performance and reliability
  • Audit, monitor and measure process performance. Ensure appropriate action is taken to improve the process performance
  • Maintain appropriate measures to ensure all information generated to support process activities, is updated and improved
  • Maintain appropriate procedures, to ensure that personnel who perform work affecting quality are monitored, developed and trained to a level of competence, which is appropriate to sustain our reputation for producing a high quality product
  • Develop both the staff and the Quality Systems to satisfy quality objectives
  • Maintain appropriate technical literature through all media channels, to ensure product awareness, enhancements and the effects of legislation are available to customers

Meeting your needs

By adopting the above quality and innovation policies, we ensure that we adopt a total customer focused attitude, ensuring that the needs of our customers dictate our business development, encouraging employees to constantly improve their performance and guaranteeing our suppliers are driven by our customers' needs.